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Welcome to www.comparedefinitions.com. Our glossary concept is unique in the way that we search a number of glossaries to provide a selection of relevant definitions to a particular searchterm.

Not only do we compare definitions, but by rating their usefullness, we aim to improve our listings by serving up the results in an order of merit.

Our database currently references 11520 terms and definitions spanning 8 glossaries. The number of terms for which we have multiple definitions currently stands at 1188. If you would like your glossary to be included in the listings, then please get in touch.

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You can use our site in two different ways; searching and navigating:

Search If you know the word you would like a definition for, then use our search box located at the top of each page. We will query all our glossaries for specific matches, followed by near matches.

Navigate You can use our link structure to browse our terms and definitions. Select the appropriate category on the left hand menu and you will then be presented with an a-z list which will return all the relevant glossary terms starting with your selected letter.

double declining balance method of depreciation
cash flow coverage ratio
margin of safety
minimum lending rate
total asset turnover
deed of covenant
lehman brothers mortgage backed securities index
forward rate agreement fra
gross redemption yield
first order condition
technical sign
new york cotton exchange nyce
international fisher effect
automated customer account transfer acat
gross profit margin
discounted payback period rule
security market line
permanent spontaneous current liabilities
rolls critique
bullet loan
pool factor
capitalization table
compound tariff
capitalized interest
terminal bonus
holding period yield hpy
london commodity exchange
letter of testamentary
per stirpes
debtor days
beta equation security
london interbank offered rate libor
four firm concentration ratio
information ratio
reinstatement value
double declining balance depreciation method ddb

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