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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'ac'.

Accelerated cost recovery system ACRS - Accelerated cost recovery system ACRS
Acceleration clause - Acceleration clause
acceptance - acceptance
accepting house - accepting house
Access - Access
Accessibility - Accessibility
Accession - Accession
Accession country - Accession country
accident insurance - accident insurance
Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance - Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance
accidental death insurance - accidental death insurance
Accommodative monetary policy - Accommodative monetary policy
Accomodating transaction - Accomodating transaction
Accord - Accord
Account Ad Valorem Duty - Account Ad Valorem Duty
Account balance - Account balance
Account executive - Account executive
Account Management Profile System - Account Management Profile System
Account Party - Account Party
account payee - account payee
Account reconciliation - Account reconciliation
account sale - account sale
Account statement - Account statement
Accounting earnings - Accounting earnings
Accounting insolvency - Accounting insolvency
Accounting liquidity - Accounting liquidity
accounting reference date - accounting reference date
Accounting Standards Board - Accounting Standards Board
Accounts payable - Accounts payable
Accounts receivable - Accounts receivable
Accounts receivable financing - Accounts receivable financing
Accredited investor - Accredited investor
Accretion - Accretion
Accretion of a discount - Accretion of a discount
accrual - accrual
Accrual Accounting Convention - Accrual Accounting Convention
Accrual basis - Accrual basis
Accrual bond - Accrual bond
accrual rate - accrual rate
accrued benefits - accrued benefits
Accrued Depreciation - Accrued Depreciation
Accrued discount - Accrued discount
Accrued market discount - Accrued market discount
Accumulate - Accumulate
Accumulated Benefit Obligation ABO - Accumulated Benefit Obligation ABO
Accumulated dividend - Accumulated dividend
Accumulated profits tax - Accumulated profits tax
Accumulation - Accumulation
accumulation and maintenance trust - accumulation and maintenance trust
Accumulation area - Accumulation area
accumulation units - accumulation units
acid ratio - acid ratio
acid test - acid test
Acid test ratio - Acid test ratio
Acknowledgement - Acknowledgement
ACP Countries - ACP Countries
Acquired surplus - Acquired surplus
Acquiree - Acquiree
Acquirer - Acquirer
Acquisition - Acquisition
Acquisition cost - Acquisition cost
Acquisition Costs - Acquisition Costs
Across the board - Across the board
Act Of God - Act Of God
Act of state doctrine - Act of state doctrine
Acting in concert - Acting in concert
Actionable subsidy - Actionable subsidy
Active - Active
Active account - Active account
Active bond crowd - Active bond crowd
active fund - active fund
Active fund management - Active fund management
Active income - Active income
Active Management - Active Management
active market - active market
Active Risk - Active Risk
Active Server Pages - Active Server Pages
activities of daily living - activities of daily living
Actual age - Actual age
Actual market - Actual market
Actual protection rate - Actual protection rate
actuals - actuals
actuary - actuary

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