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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'da'.

daily change - daily change
daily high - daily high
Daily interest - Daily interest
daily low - daily low
Daily Official List - Daily Official List
Daily price limit - Daily price limit
Daisy chain - Daisy chain
Data Collection - Data Collection
Data mining - Data mining
Database - Database
Date of issue - Date of issue
Date of payment - Date of payment
date of record - date of record
Dated date - Dated date
dated security - dated security
Dates convention - Dates convention
Dating - Dating
dawn raid - dawn raid
Day around order - Day around order
Day loan - Day loan
Day of deposit to day of withdrawal account - Day of deposit to day of withdrawal account
Day order - Day order
Day trade - Day trade
day trading - day trading
Days in receivables - Days in receivables
days of grace - days of grace
Days sales outstanding - Days sales outstanding

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