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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'di'.

Diagonal spread - Diagonal spread
Dialing and smiling - Dialing and smiling
Dialing for dollars - Dialing for dollars
Diamonds - Diamonds
Dictionary attack - Dictionary attack
Diff - Diff
Difference check - Difference check
Differential - Differential
Differential swap - Differential swap
Differential treatment - Differential treatment
Differentiated product - Differentiated product
Differentiation - Differentiation
Digital certificate - Digital certificate
Digital Products - Digital Products
Digital wallet - Digital wallet
Digits deleted - Digits deleted
Dillon Round - Dillon Round
diluted net asset value - diluted net asset value
Dilution - Dilution
Dilutive effect - Dilutive effect
Diminishing returns - Diminishing returns
Diners Club - Diners Club
Dip - Dip
Direct Claim - Direct Claim
Direct costs of financial distress - Direct costs of financial distress
direct debit - direct debit
Direct debits - Direct debits
Direct delivery - Direct delivery
Direct deposit - Direct deposit
Direct estimate method - Direct estimate method
Direct Exchange Rate - Direct Exchange Rate
Direct factor content - Direct factor content
Direct Foreign Investment - Direct Foreign Investment
Direct Input Provider - Direct Input Provider
Direct investment - Direct investment
Direct lease - Direct lease
Direct lenders - Direct lenders
Direct Loan Program - Direct Loan Program
Direct navigation - Direct navigation
Direct overhead - Direct overhead
Direct paper - Direct paper
Direct participation program - Direct participation program
Direct placement - Direct placement
Direct plus indirect factor content - Direct plus indirect factor content
direct purchase - direct purchase
Direct quote - Direct quote
Direct Reduction Mortgage - Direct Reduction Mortgage
Direct Registration System - Direct Registration System
Direct request - Direct request
Direct rollover - Direct rollover
Direct search market - Direct search market
Direct stock purchase programs - Direct stock purchase programs
direct taxation - direct taxation
Direct terms - Direct terms
Direction of trade - Direction of trade
Directly Unproductive Profit Seeking Activities - Directly Unproductive Profit Seeking Activities
Director - Director
Director Exception - Director Exception
Director General - Director General
directors dealings - directors dealings
Dirigiste - Dirigiste
Dirty float - Dirty float
Dirty price - Dirty price
Dirty stock - Dirty stock
Dirty URL - Dirty URL
Disability income insurance - Disability income insurance
Disability insurance - Disability insurance
Disbursement float - Disbursement float
Discharge - Discharge
Discharge fee - Discharge fee
Discharge of lien - Discharge of lien
disclosure - disclosure
Discontinued operations - Discontinued operations
Discount - Discount
Discount Arbitrage - Discount Arbitrage
Discount bond - Discount bond
Discount broker - Discount broker
Discount factor - Discount factor
Discount Interest - Discount Interest
Discount payment - Discount payment
Discount period - Discount period
Discount Points - Discount Points
Discount rate - Discount rate
Discount securities - Discount securities
Discount window - Discount window
Discount yield - Discount yield
Discounted basis - Discounted basis
Discounted cash flow DCF - Discounted cash flow DCF
discounted cashflow - discounted cashflow
Discounted dividend model DDM - Discounted dividend model DDM
Discounted in or by market - Discounted in or by market
Discounted payback - Discounted payback
Discounted payback period rule - Discounted payback period rule
discounted rate mortgage - discounted rate mortgage
Discounting - Discounting
Discrepancy - Discrepancy
Discrete compounding - Discrete compounding
Discrete random variable - Discrete random variable
Discrete time - Discrete time
Discrete variable - Discrete variable
Discretion - Discretion
discretionary broker - discretionary broker
Discretionary cash flow - Discretionary cash flow
Discretionary income - Discretionary income
Discretionary licensing - Discretionary licensing
Discretionary Proposition - Discretionary Proposition
Discretionary reserves - Discretionary reserves
Discretionary trust - Discretionary trust
Discriminate analysis - Discriminate analysis
Discriminatory tariff - Discriminatory tariff
Discussion list - Discussion list
Diseconomies of scale - Diseconomies of scale
Disequilibrium - Disequilibrium
Dishonor - Dishonor
Disinflation - Disinflation
Disintegration - Disintegration
Disintermediation - Disintermediation
Disinvest - Disinvest
Disparity - Disparity
Disposable income - Disposable income
Disposition of Real Estate Statement - Disposition of Real Estate Statement
Dispute settlement - Dispute settlement
Dispute Settlement Body - Dispute Settlement Body
Dispute settlement mechanism - Dispute settlement mechanism
Dissipate rent - Dissipate rent
Distance learning - Distance learning
Distortion - Distortion
Distress sale - Distress sale
Distressed property - Distressed property
Distressed securities - Distressed securities
Distributing syndicate - Distributing syndicate
Distribution - Distribution
Distribution area - Distribution area
Distribution channel - Distribution channel
Distribution Cost Advantage - Distribution Cost Advantage
distribution period - distribution period
Dithering - Dithering
Diversification - Diversification
Diversification cone - Diversification cone
Diversified investment company - Diversified investment company
Diversified portfolio - Diversified portfolio
Diversify - Diversify
Diversion - Diversion
Divestiture - Divestiture
Dividend - Dividend
Dividend capture - Dividend capture
Dividend clawback - Dividend clawback
Dividend clientele - Dividend clientele
dividend cover - dividend cover
Dividend Disbursing Agent - Dividend Disbursing Agent
dividend discount model - dividend discount model
Dividend Discount Model DDM - Dividend Discount Model DDM
Dividend Discount Return - Dividend Discount Return
Dividend distribution - Dividend distribution
dividend growth - dividend growth
Dividend in arrears - Dividend in arrears
Dividend Order - Dividend Order
Dividend payout ratio - Dividend payout ratio
Dividend policy - Dividend policy
dividend reinvestment plan - dividend reinvestment plan
Dividend requirement - Dividend requirement
Dividend rollover plan - Dividend rollover plan
Dividend trade roll or play - Dividend trade roll or play
dividend yield - dividend yield
Dividends payable - Dividends payable
Dividends received deduction - Dividends received deduction
Division of labor - Division of labor
Divisor - Divisor
Dixit Stiglitz function - Dixit Stiglitz function
Dixit Stiglitz utility - Dixit Stiglitz utility

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