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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'en'.

Enabling Clause - Enabling Clause
Encryption - Encryption
Encumbrance - Encumbrance
Encumbrance Incumbrance - Encumbrance Incumbrance
End of year convention - End of year convention
Endogenous growth - Endogenous growth
Endogenous protection - Endogenous protection
Endogenous uncertainty - Endogenous uncertainty
Endogenous variable - Endogenous variable
Endowment - Endowment
endowment assurance - endowment assurance
endowment insurance - endowment insurance
endowment mortgage - endowment mortgage
enduring power of attorney - enduring power of attorney
Energy mutual fund - Energy mutual fund
enfranchisement - enfranchisement
Engine of growth - Engine of growth
Engineering efficiency - Engineering efficiency
Enhanced indexing - Enhanced indexing
Enterprise - Enterprise
Enterprise Investment Scheme - Enterprise Investment Scheme
enterprise value - enterprise value
enterprise zone - enterprise zone
enterprise zone trust - enterprise zone trust
entitlement issue - entitlement issue
Entrep ocirc t trade - Entrep ocirc t trade
Entrepreneur - Entrepreneur
Entropy - Entropy
Entry barrier - Entry barrier
Envelope - Envelope
Environmental dumping - Environmental dumping
Environmental fund - Environmental fund
Environmental Kuznets Curve - Environmental Kuznets Curve
Environmental protection argument for a trade intervention - Environmental protection argument for a trade intervention
Environmental subsidy - Environmental subsidy

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