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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'ho'.

Hold - Hold
Holdback - Holdback
holder - holder
Holder In Due Course - Holder In Due Course
holder of record - holder of record
holding company - holding company
Holding Period - Holding Period
Holding period return - Holding period return
Holding Period Yield HPY - Holding Period Yield HPY
Holding the market - Holding the market
holdover relief - holdover relief
holiday insurance - holiday insurance
Home bias - Home bias
home income plan - home income plan
Home page - Home page
home responsibilities protection - home responsibilities protection
home reversion plan - home reversion plan
Home run - Home run
Home Warranty Insurance - Home Warranty Insurance
Homebuy loan - Homebuy loan
Homebuyers report - Homebuyers report
Homemade dividend - Homemade dividend
Homemade leverage - Homemade leverage
homeowners equity account - homeowners equity account
homeowners insurance - homeowners insurance
Homeowners insurance policy - Homeowners insurance policy
Homestead - Homestead
Homogeneity - Homogeneity
Homogeneous - Homogeneous
Homogeneous expectations assumption - Homogeneous expectations assumption
Homogeneous function - Homogeneous function
Homogeneous of degree 1 - Homogeneous of degree 1
Homogeneous of degree X - Homogeneous of degree X
Homogeneous of degree zero - Homogeneous of degree zero
Homogeneous product - Homogeneous product
Homohypallagic - Homohypallagic
Homothetic - Homothetic
Homothetic demand - Homothetic demand
Homothetic preferences - Homothetic preferences
Homothetic tastes - Homothetic tastes
Hong Kong Futures Exchange HKFE - Hong Kong Futures Exchange HKFE
Horizon analysis - Horizon analysis
Horizon matching strategy - Horizon matching strategy
Horizon return - Horizon return
Horizontal acquisition - Horizontal acquisition
Horizontal analysis - Horizontal analysis
Horizontal integration - Horizontal integration
Horizontal intraindustry trade - Horizontal intraindustry trade
Horizontal merger - Horizontal merger
Horizontal spread - Horizontal spread
Hormone dispute - Hormone dispute
HOS Model - HOS Model
hospital cash plan - hospital cash plan
Hospital revenue bond - Hospital revenue bond
Host - Host
Host country - Host country
Host security - Host security
hostile takeover - hostile takeover
Hot money - Hot money
Hot spot - Hot spot
House - House
House account - House account
House Air Waybill AWB - House Air Waybill AWB
house call - house call
House of issue - House of issue
House poor - House poor
household insurance - household insurance
Housing bond - Housing bond
Housing Starts - Housing Starts
HOV Model - HOV Model

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