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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'im'.

Image map - Image map
Imbalance - Imbalance
IMF Quota - IMF Quota
Immediate customer - Immediate customer
Immediate or canceled order IOC order - Immediate or canceled order IOC order
Immediate payment annuity - Immediate payment annuity
Immediate settlement - Immediate settlement
Immigration - Immigration
Immiserizing growth - Immiserizing growth
Immunization - Immunization
Impact Day - Impact Day
Impact fees - Impact fees
Impairment - Impairment
Imperfect competition - Imperfect competition
Imperfect market - Imperfect market
Imperfectly competitive - Imperfectly competitive
Implicit Bankruptcy Costs - Implicit Bankruptcy Costs
Implicit price deflator - Implicit price deflator
Implicit tariff - Implicit tariff
Implicit tax - Implicit tax
Implied call - Implied call
Implied repo rate - Implied repo rate
implied volatility - implied volatility
Import - Import
Import authorization - Import authorization
Import bias - Import bias
Import competing - Import competing
Import demand elasticity - Import demand elasticity
Import elasticity - Import elasticity
Import license - Import license
Import licensing - Import licensing
Import penetration - Import penetration
Import price index - Import price index
Import propensity - Import propensity
Import protection - Import protection
Import quota - Import quota
Import relief - Import relief
Import substitute - Import substitute
Import substituting industrialization - Import substituting industrialization
Import substitution - Import substitution
Import substitution development strategy - Import substitution development strategy
Import surcharge - Import surcharge
Import surveillance - Import surveillance
Import weighted average tariff - Import weighted average tariff
Imports - Imports
Impressions - Impressions
Improve the terms of trade - Improve the terms of trade
Improve the trade balance - Improve the trade balance
Improvements - Improvements
Imputation tax system - Imputation tax system
Imputed interest - Imputed interest
Imputed value - Imputed value

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