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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'mu'.

Multi cone equilibrium - Multi cone equilibrium
Multi option financing facility - Multi option financing facility
Multibuyer policy - Multibuyer policy
Multicurrency clause - Multicurrency clause
Multicurrency loans - Multicurrency loans
Multifactor model - Multifactor model
Multifamily loans - Multifamily loans
Multifamily mortgage - Multifamily mortgage
Multifiber Arrangement - Multifiber Arrangement
Multifunctionality - Multifunctionality
Multilateral - Multilateral
Multilateral agreement - Multilateral agreement
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA
Multilateral netting system - Multilateral netting system
Multinational corporation - Multinational corporation
Multinational corporation MNC - Multinational corporation MNC
Multinational enterprise - Multinational enterprise
Multiple Arbitrage - Multiple Arbitrage
Multiple discriminant analysis MDA - Multiple discriminant analysis MDA
Multiple listing - Multiple listing
Multiple peril insurance - Multiple peril insurance
Multiple rates of return - Multiple rates of return
Multiple regression - Multiple regression
Multiple Voting - Multiple Voting
Multiples - Multiples
Multiplier - Multiplier
Multistage production - Multistage production
Mundell Fleming Model - Mundell Fleming Model
Mung - Mung
municipal bond - municipal bond
Municipal bond fund - Municipal bond fund
municipal bond insurance - municipal bond insurance
Municipal improvement certificate - Municipal improvement certificate
Municipal Investment Trust MIT - Municipal Investment Trust MIT
municipal note - municipal note
Municipal notes - Municipal notes
Municipal revenue bond - Municipal revenue bond
Mutatis mutandis - Mutatis mutandis
Mutilated security - Mutilated security
Mutual association - Mutual association
Mutual company - Mutual company
Mutual exclusion doctrine - Mutual exclusion doctrine
mutual fund - mutual fund
Mutual fund cash to assets ratio - Mutual fund cash to assets ratio
mutual fund custodian - mutual fund custodian
Mutual fund theorem - Mutual fund theorem
Mutual recognition - Mutual recognition
Mutual Savings Bank - Mutual Savings Bank
Mutually exclusive investment decisions - Mutually exclusive investment decisions

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