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Here is a list of definitions beginning 'sp'.

Spam - Spam
Spamtrap - Spamtrap
Spamware - Spamware
Span - Span
Special and Common Cause System of Variation - Special and Common Cause System of Variation
Special and differential treatment - Special and differential treatment
Special arbitrage account - Special arbitrage account
Special assessment bond - Special assessment bond
Special bond account - Special bond account
special bonus - special bonus
Special Cause Variation - Special Cause Variation
Special dividend - Special dividend
Special Drawing Right - Special Drawing Right
Special Drawing Rights SDR - Special Drawing Rights SDR
Special economic zone - Special economic zone
Special entry procedure - Special entry procedure
Special Meeting - Special Meeting
specialised mutual fund - specialised mutual fund
specialist - specialist
Specialist block purchase and sale - Specialist block purchase and sale
Specialist market - Specialist market
Specialist unit - Specialist unit
Specialists short sale ratio - Specialists short sale ratio
Specialization - Specialization
Specie - Specie
Specie flow mechanism - Specie flow mechanism
Specific commitment - Specific commitment
Specific factor - Specific factor
Specific factors model - Specific factors model
Specific issues market - Specific issues market
specific legacy - specific legacy
Specific Return - Specific Return
Specific risk - Specific risk
Specific tariff - Specific tariff
Specificity - Specificity
Specificity rule - Specificity rule
Spectail - Spectail
Speculation - Speculation
Speculative - Speculative
Speculative attack - Speculative attack
Speculative demand for money - Speculative demand for money
speculative limits - speculative limits
Speculative motive - Speculative motive
Speculative stock - Speculative stock
Speculator - Speculator
Speed - Speed
Spider - Spider
Spider Diagram - Spider Diagram
Spiders - Spiders
Spin off - Spin off
Splash page - Splash page
Splintering - Splintering
split - split
split capital investment trust - split capital investment trust
Split commission - Split commission
Split coupon bond - Split coupon bond
Split fee option - Split fee option
Split offering - Split offering
Split order - Split order
Split print - Split print
Split rate tax system - Split rate tax system
Split rating - Split rating
Split stock - Split stock
Spoken for - Spoken for
Sponsor - Sponsor
Spontaneous Current Liabilities - Spontaneous Current Liabilities
Spontaneous Liabilities - Spontaneous Liabilities
Sporadic dumping - Sporadic dumping
Spot - Spot
Spot commodity - Spot commodity
Spot exchange rates - Spot exchange rates
Spot futures parity theorem - Spot futures parity theorem
Spot interest rate - Spot interest rate
Spot lending - Spot lending
Spot market - Spot market
Spot month - Spot month
spot price - spot price
Spot rate - Spot rate
Spot rate curve - Spot rate curve
Spot secondary - Spot secondary
Spot trade - Spot trade
Spot transaction - Spot transaction
spousal IRA - spousal IRA
Spread - Spread
spread betting - spread betting
Spread income - Spread income
Spread option - Spread option
Spread order - Spread order
Spread position - Spread position
Spread strategy - Spread strategy
Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet
Sprinkling trust - Sprinkling trust
Spyware - Spyware

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